Ergonomics for Engineers

In-Person, Onsite or Virtual Offering


Work-related ergonomic risk factors and the importance of addressing them in design

Workshop Dates

May 7-9, 2024
Raleigh, NC

July 31-August 1, 2024
Virtual Offering

September 24-26, 2024
Branchburg, NJ

May 6-8, 2025
Raleigh, NC


Using appropriate guidelines and checklists for workplace design, tool design, and manual material handling


Leverage anthropometric, strength, cognitive and environmental data to optimize human capabilities when designing for manufacturability, usability and serviceability/maintainability

About Ergonomics Training for Engineers:

This comprehensive course covers the key elements of the appropriate design of products and workspaces for the human user. Engineers armed with a deep understanding of ergonomics are better equipped to create products that not only function more efficiently but also enhance the user experience. At the conclusion of this course, participants will have a more holistic grasp on all the considerations required to produce quality designs while also learning how to increase efficiency, reduce injuries, and improve overall performance.  We will emphasize the principles of human-centered design, placing the user at the core of the engineering process. A significant portion of the course will be dedicated to anthropometric design, where we examine the dimensions and physical capabilities of the human body. From office spaces to manufacturing plants, we will discuss how the physical environment impacts human performance and well-being, and how engineers can shape these spaces for optimal results.

This course mixes interactive lecture and hands-on exercises to allow all participants to learn and apply techniques.

Objectives:  After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of human-centered design and its applications in engineering.
  • Possess the skills to apply anthropometric data in designing products that cater to a diverse user base.
  • Recognize the significance of environmental factors in shaping ergonomic solutions.
  • Analyze and critique existing designs from an ergonomic perspective.


  • Workshop is offered in-person, at your company site, or virtually
  • Course price includes a fee for individual use of TEC’s Ergonomics for Engineers Design Guidelines and Resource Guide.
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) available at registration through NC State University:  1.6 (virtual) or 2.0 (on-site)
  • Lunch is provided for Center hosted In-Person offerings


  • $1950/$1650 for members (if you have 5 or more registrants contact us for pricing information)
  • Non-members can save $50 by purchasing a Professional Membership