Ergonomics Program Development Workshop

Virtual Offering


Motivations for developing and growing an ergonomics program

Workshop Dates

May 9, 2024 (virtual offering)
12:00-4:30 PM daily

August 22, 2024 (virtual offering)
12:00-4:30 PM daily

May 1, 2025 (virtual offering)
12:00-4:30 PM daily


Current organizational program elements


Policy elements and goals to grow organization’s program

About Ergonomics Program Development:

This virtual workshop defines and discusses the importance of ergonomics programs.  It also identifies the critical elements of a successful program and walks through developing the key elements of a written policy.  Attendees become comfortable with writing a policy, documenting responsibilities, and establishing a process.


  • 0.4 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) available at registration through NC State University
  • This is a virtual, half-day offering