Capabilities and Equipment

Assessment Capabilities

Research tools can be used to describe different aspects of a task being performed: the physical requirements to accomplish a task, and the effort required by a person to accomplish a task. Although the previous two descriptions do not sound very different, they answer different questions and require different equipment and methods of data collection and analysis. In many situations a combination of these approaches is required to address real world situations.

The Center’s ability to assimilate new data collection techniques, equipment, and processes into the research lab to meet the needs of our clients is an asset.  Our purpose is to provide answers to the technically difficult questions that are asked about the manner in which people interact and react to products and processes.


Data Type Typical Methods/Equipment for Collecting Data
Muscle Activity Electromyography (surface, fine wire, needle): Waverider™ EMG System, Flexcomp™ System, Teca Vickers Medical Equipment™
Torque Generation BTE Work Simulator II™, Sensing Systems Torque Meter
Posture and Joint Deviation BTE Work Simulator II™, Goniometers, Isotechnologies BackTracker™, Ascension Motionstar™, Peak5™ Motus, Postural Video Analysis, Lumbar Motion Monitor
Force Application BTE Work Simulator II™, Load Cell, AliMed Dynamometer, AMTI Force Platforms, Chatillon Dynamometer, Tekscan Pressure Arrays™, Pliance System, IMADA Digital Force Gauge, Small and Medium Loadcells, Hoggan ErgoFET Force Gauges
Physiological Changes SensorMedics VMAX Metabolic Cart™, Interactive Physiology Muscular System™, Interactive Physiology Nervous System™, Suunto Smart Belt heart rate monitor
Visual and Cognitive Processes Eye Tracker, Driving Simulator, Flight Simulator, Virtual Reality Simulator


Evaluation Equipment

  • B and K Equipment (senses vibration)
  • BRG Pocket Ergometer (senses muscle activity)
  • Tektronix Environmental Equipment

Other Equipment

  • Divilbiss Random Reminders™, Metrosonics Metrologger™, Virtual I/O Glasses™, Vision 3000™, Deneb™, Jack™, Cyberglove™, Mannequin™, Ohmic Wrist Analyzer, TSI Inc. Q-Track
  • 3D Static Strength Prediction Program™ (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Energy Expenditure Prediction Program™ (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Multi-Media Video Task Analysis (MVTA)™ (Univ. of Wisconsin)

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