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The Center’s research initiative utilizes a scientific, technology-driven, customer-centric approach to resolve complex ergonomic challenges. State-of-the-art systems, programs, and methodologies are employed to conduct research in both laboratory and workplace environments. Working closely with the NCSU Ergonomics Laboratory and the College of Design, the Center’s array of research services can be grouped into three categories: product evaluations, process evaluations, and sponsored research.

Customer Centric Approach

Center clients enjoy our customer-centric approach in the research outreach. In this context clients include: product and process engineers, product designers, ergonomists, health and safety personnel, managers, equipment vendors, trade groups, consumer groups, educators, other researchers, and marketing professionals.

Unlike theoretical research proposals, applied research discussions at the Center utilize terms such as “customer,” “customer requirements,” and “iterative process.” The approach begins with a dialogue between the customer and the applied researcher to identify the customer’s problems and requirements. After the methods for answering the customer’s questions are defined and developed, the Center’s researcher associates boundaries or limitations with the methods used and answers to be provided. Typically, real-world problems are complex and require a series of small investigations rather than one complicated experiment. This sequential approach allows the process to be both iterative and dynamic. With an iterative, dynamic process the customer can interact with the researcher during all phases of the process. This method of interaction is critical to customer satisfaction. Using this process, the customer can understand the benefits and limitations of the conclusions drawn by the researchers.