Ergonomics Culture and Program Development

The Ergonomics Center (TEC) has helped our clients develop, implement, and grow their ergonomic programs to a world-class level. The journey starts with developing or reviewing the Ergonomics Program and its standard operating procedure containing the framework which defines roles, responsibilities, and processes that support the ergonomics program. TEC meets with key company stakeholders to gain a more thorough understanding of existing ergonomics, health and safety, engineering, training, corrective actions systems, processes, and protocols. This knowledge is used to maximize the integration of ergonomics into existing systems, processes, and tracking metrics and to identify any improvement opportunities. We can provide a gap analysis, which will assist us in creating a plan with the client that details the next steps in developing a world-class ergonomics program. TEC is there to support our clients as much, or as little, along the way.


The Ergonomic Center uses its Ergonomics Cultural Maturity Model (ECMM) to measure the cultural maturity of an ergonomics program and as a roadmap for program development. Developed after years of benchmarking “Best in Class” ergonomics programs from around the world, the ECMM is designed to integrate ergonomics into a company’s existing culture and operational processes. It serves as a framework for the ergonomics program and creates a roadmap to cultural excellence in ergonomics.