Onsite Training

In addition to attending workshops at the Center, you have the opportunity to be trained onsite at your facility by an experienced ergonomist. All of our traditional workshops can be provided at your facility. Additional courses that address specific company needs can be designed.

Ergonomics Team Training and Mentoring
This class introduces the group to basic ergonomic principles and addresses topics such as: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other ergonomic-related problems, identifying and prioritizing ergonomic stressors, determining root causes, analysis techniques, developing appropriate control measures, cost justification, and design criteria. The course is designed to address issues within the company and mixes lecture and laboratory to allow all participants to apply techniques. The course length is determined by the goals of the team and can range from four hours up to two days.

Ergonomics Training for Engineers
Ergonomics Training for Engineers will help ensure the application of ergonomic principles to equipment specification/ selection and equipment/process design. This workshop focuses on the application of specific ergonomics techniques to guide the participant through the evaluation of difficult jobs. Participants will learn how to select and utilize key analysis tools employed to define workplace risk, evaluate hand/wrist intensive tasks, and quantify manual materials handling activities.

Stressor Stroll-Eyes on Ergonomics

Identifying ergonomics concerns is the first step in prioritizing efforts to reduce risk factors related to musculoskeletal disorders and optimizing process performance.  In this short interactive workshop, attendees learn to: Define ergonomics, identify its benefits, and recognize the stressors that can lead to injuries; appreciate how ergonomic stressors affect employees and business metrics; identify ergonomic stressors during a structured walk-through of their facility; and understand the common types and hierarchy of ergonomic controls.

Ergonomics Training for Managers and Supervisors
This two-hour session introduces supervisors to the basics of ergonomics including MSDs, controls, cost benefits, and other topics. The goal is to provide the supervisor with a basic background in ergonomics in order to facilitate communication between the ergonomics team, health care provider, and employees.

Office Ergonomics Accreditation Program
The Office Ergonomics Accreditation Program (OEAP) is designed to assist office-oriented businesses in developing high quality, cost-effective ergonomics expertise in-house. Students are taught the skills necessary to evaluate existing workstations and make prioritized recommendations for corrective action.

Employee Awareness Training (Office or Industrial)
Training the employee population involves a one-hour training presentation geared to their specific work environment. These presentations address fundamental ergonomics awareness, information on MSDs, early reporting of discomfort, workstation and equipment design and usage principles, work methods, ergonomic aspects of personal accommodation, and whole life activities such as diet, clothing, wellness, and fitness.

Computer-Based Ergonomics Awareness Training (Office or Industrial)
This customized Industrial or Office Ergonomics Awareness Training will provide a basic understanding of ergonomics, MSDs, the client’s ergonomics process and the employee’s role for successful process implementation. These classes can be broken into customized modules and integrated into your company’s CBT system.