Facility Tour with General Recommendations

We can conduct a tour of your facility in an effort to better understand the processes, resources, and work demands in your operations. A Center ergonomist will provide general ergonomics recommendations on potential solutions to help mitigate generally observed ergonomic risks from the facility tour. Observations of tasks being performed at the time of the facility walk-through and preliminary employee interviews will help identify general ergonomic risks and provide recommendations to mitigate such risks. If possible, photos will be taken and included in the report to provide general findings and recommendations.

A virtual meeting may be held to review recommendations with site personnel. General recommendations may consist of (but are not limited to) workstation design guidelines, recommended reach zones, recommended lifting zones, material handling assistive devices, tools, chairs/stools, office peripheral equipment, anti-fatigue matting, and/or PPE.

NOTE: Formal ergonomic screening and deep-dive analyses will not be performed as part of this scope of work. Screening and deep-dive analyses are conducted to prioritize and confirm ergonomic risks as well as determine root causes of the problems to better direct risk mitigation efforts. As part of the facility tour and general observations/recommendations, TEC will identify job positions warranting deep-dive analysis.